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"Clinical Handbook: Health care for Children subjected to violence or sexual abuse"


Ethnologica provided technical support to UNICEF and Cambodia's Ministry of Health to develop the Clinical Handbook, which was published in English and Khmer. The Handbook aims to serve as a guide for healthcare providers in Cambodia to ensure a prompt and adequate response to child victims of violence or sexual abuse. It provides further guidance on first line support, medical treatment, psychosocial support and referral to key social and legal protection services. It will be also used as a resource manual for capacity development and training for medical providers in the future. 

"Playgrounds for Useful knowledge"


Ethnologica provided ethnography and community organizing for Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge, a community-based experimental urban platform using play, games and performance to reveal, share and celebrate local knowledge produced in South Philadelphia, an area known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity. A project by Cohabitation Strategies (CohStra), Playgrounds sought the restructuring of urban spaces by promoting new social relations across cultural and economic divides, with the objective of generating just and sustainable forms of collective inhabiting to confront the pressures of accelerated urban development.

Ethnologica assisted with producing a report about the project:

Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge

As well as a reflection of the intersections between ethnography and socially engaged art:

Reflections on Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge

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"Boating consortium of Philadelphia"


Ethnologica collaborated with the Boating Consortium, a group of organizations in the Delaware River Watershed, to evaluate their summer youth programming which trains local students in watershed management, boating techniques, science and environmental stewardship.  Working with Independence Seaport Museum, the Wooden Boat Factory, Bartram's Garden, Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Urban Promise and Philadelphia Waterborne, we facilitated participatory and youth-centered data collection methods to improve program efficacy and to align curricular and programmatic goals. 

"Evaluation of the Impact of the Sweetened Beverage Tax on Retailers and Distributors in Philadelphia"

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Ethnologica is providing qualitative data collection and analysis on the impact of the Philadelphia Sweetened Beverage Tax on retailers and distributors in Philadelphia as a piece of a larger, comprehensive study undertaken by researchers at University of Pennsylvania, the City of Philadelphia and Harvard University.

Anastasia Hudgins' select publications include:

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Beth uzwiak's select publications include:

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